• Klavis - Two Bits

    Two Bits

    Dual logic processor with chaining and CV

    • 15 different logic functions
    • Several unique functions
    • Chaining for 4/5 input functions
    • CV functions:
      • Random pass gate
      • Gated voltage comparator
      • Clock multiplier/divider
      • 10 sec delay line

  • Klavis - Flexshaper


    CV-controlled voltage mapper & waveshaper

    • Process from DC to full audio range
    • Unipolar/bipolar input mode switch
    • Five manual voltage mapping potentiometers
    • Five CV control of the voltage mapping points
    • Simultaneously active unipolar and bipolar outputs

  • Klavis - Quadigy


    Quad programmable
    Envelope Generator

    • Four 7-stage envelopes
    • Continuous curve shaping
    • Cycle mode with 5 clocks, fit to clock,
      mult/div, offset & gating
    • 156-points modulation matrix
    • 32 presets with morphing

  • Klavis - Mixwitch


    Voltage & clock controlled

    • Two 2>1 or one 4>1 mixer
    • Polarity, lin/log, mute and gain control
    • Optional selector acting on 2 or 4 inputs:
      • CV control for arbitrary input selection
      • Clock control for sequential or random input selection

  • Twin Waves MKII

    Twin Waves MK II

    Dual VCO/LFO/random

    Our bestseller gets an upgrade - more control for more fun!
    Algorithm-based wave engines with Sync, FM, through-zero, VCA, ring-mod, bit-crushing, filtered noise, brownian vectors, quantizer, clock sync with adjustable ratio, ... all instantly configured for optimal results without hassle.

  • Klavis - Logica XT

    Logica XT

    Advanced CV & clock controlled
    multiple-input logic & gate processor

    • Three inputs plus manual button
    • Simultaneously normal, inverted and divide by two outputs
    • Fourteen modes of operation
    • User-defined durations and default modes auto-stored in memory
    • 5000+ steps delay line
    • Gater function to add-up multiple gate signals while maintaining each triggering

  • Klavis - CalTrans


    Quad V/Oct Calibrator & Transposer

    • V/Oct curve creation, correction and range expansion
    • Single or multiple channel selection for live control
    • Separate octave and semitone rotary encoders
    • Inputs chaining for chords creation
    • Per channel live settings:
      • Octave & semitones transpose
      • Semitone quantizer on/off
      • Portamento duration
      • Glissando duration

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