Quad Envelope Generator
  • Quad 7-stage envelopes
    • Pre-delay
    • Hold
    • Attack
    • Punch
    • Decay
    • Sustain
    • Release
  • Continuous curve shape setting
  • Inversion
  • Independent output level
  • Cycle capability with auto fit-to-clock
    • Elastic time stretching
    • 5 internal clocks with tap tempo
    • External clock control
    • Multiply/divide and offset
    • Individual cycle ext. control
  • 32 presets with naming
  • External preset control via CV/Trig
  • Simultaneous 156-point CV matrix
  • Morphing on presets and CV Matrix
  • Multi-editing for polyphonic uses
  • Live mode for easier/safer control
  • Graphical display
  • Real-time envelope stages LED indication
  • Settings restored after power cycle
  • Easy firmware update via an audio file
  • Skiff-friendly and compact module
  • User manual in English and German

Daniel Miller, artist and producer

To the Facebook poll "What module you recently obtained ended up being far better than you expected?", Miller aswer was:
"Klavis Quadigy. I had high expectations and they were exceeded, especially the CVability (is that a word??) which takes it to another level."
I just got one of these and I’m pretty fucking impressed.
One of the best user interfaces I’ve come across in a digital module with a screen and menu system.
The feature set/firmware is just perfect. Absolutely perfect.
Every feature solves a musical problem, nothing is wasted.
I've had Quadigy for nearly two years now, and it is the anchor for all things complex, sustained and evolving.
The UI is, as someone above stated, one of the best menu-driven digital module experiences out there.
To have four ADSR envelopes with such fine, detailed control and options in 14HP is amazing.
The new Klavis Quadigy has the most advanced control over shape/time I've seen in a envelope module, the interface is genius and the price very good.
The thing is an amazingly well designed workhorse.
I believe Eric (Klavis) said it was designed with the intent to be simple and accessible, and only more complex when you need it to be. In use, this becomes pretty obvious, it's a joy to use.
Tbh, I was a little worried when I ordered it because it really can do a staggering amount of things, but in reality, I think I've looked at the manual once, and that was just while I was waiting for it to arrive and it opened up loads of cool ideas and influenced my patching in a really nice way.

Just got one of these, and I must say it has me thoroughly impressed. Best envelope ever for my needs.
I also have Stages and Quadrax, and the level of control this offers is night and day to the others (which is the reason I got it in the first place).
Took a few minutes to get my head around but once you get it you get it.
Thanks for such a great module. Highly recommended !

Re: Module which unexpectedly blew you away?

Klavis quadigy, 4 x envelopes. All of the clock dividing and extra features make this ALMOST a modular brain, with just a few simple triggers to get it going.
It's just so quick and easy to use and sits at the center of my setup.
This really is a great module, intuitive to use, loads of control over the envelopes and lots of useful feedback on what's going make it a joy to use.
Big thumbs up to Klavis.
The quadigy is very snappy, I dont think it would leave you wanting.
Just gotta say WOW... I finally got Quadigy in my case.
It’s kind of amazing that’s it’s basically everything it claims to be.
I find Quadigy so much more gratifying as a complex EG... even with its menus.
At least I can see exactly what is going on without a "lightshow translation".

The Quadigy is a complex envelope generator focused on live play. The goal is to allow the user setting up rich, interactive and dynamically evolving envelopes without the risk of breaking up a subtle and intricate patch once on stage. This is achieved by offering two main modes, one where full control is available and a Live mode where only the settings that are sensible using on stage are accessible.

Update notes
Be sure to use to read the latest manual when updating the Quadigy to the latest firmware.

V1.10 corrects several bugs and adds the following features:
  • LED dimming
  • Screensaver
  • Better rendering engine
  • Manual gate for easy editing check
  • Quad control enrichment with tempo and div/mult factor as needed
  • Several user interface tweaks
V1.12 improves the curves dynamic rendering
V1.15 Presets and demo rearrange
V1.19 EG phase sequence LED fix
V1.22 Global Time and Cycle display
V1.23 Fixes and subtle improvements
V1.25 Identical to V1.23 (manufacturing purposes)


Dimensions mm inches Eurorack
Height 128.40 5.06 3HE
Width 71.00 2.8 14HP
Depth behind panel
(with supply cable inserted)
38.00 1.49


Supply rail Current draw
+12V 24mA
-12V 10mA
+5V 40mA


Overall review by Marcin

Basic envelope settings in great detail by Martin

External preset control and preset morphing by Martin

Minimoog-style retriggering behavior by Martin

First contact by Ranzee

Quadigy cycle mode and global control combination by Hiroaki IIzuka

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