Logica XT

Voltage-controlled logic and gate processor
  • 14 modes of operation:
    • 6 basic logic functions
    • 2 forced states
    • 6 advanced logic functions:
      • The Gater adds-up multiple gate signals while maintaining each triggering with adjustable retrigger gap time
      • Gate to trigger with adjustable pulse length
      • Chronological sequence validation (safe locker)
      • Toss a coin with different chance weighs from the 3 inputs
      • Flip-flop with separate Set and Reset
      • Digital Sample & hold, with adjustable delay/memory line (from milliseconds to several seconds)
  • 3 normalized input jacks + user defined manual button for quad signal handling
  • Settings stored in non-volatile memory
  • Simultaneously normal and inverted outputs (e.g. And & Nand)
  • Dedicated divide by two output
  • Continuous manual + Bipolar CV control of the mode
  • LED column telling the current operation mode
  • LEDs on all outputs indicating the state
  • LED on manual button indicating its default status
  • Settings restored after power cycle
  • Low consumption, skiff-friendly & compact module
  • User manual in English and German

Built upon the foundations of its acclaimed predecessor, this new version drastically expands the feature set within the same footprint.
All the original goodies are still there, now enriched by a full list of state-based logic functions including a delay line.
Faster processing allows perfect handling of audio signals.
User editable settings are stored in non-volatile memory.
With its versatility and features never seen before, the Klavis Logica XT will arouse your creativity and bring inventiveness to your soundscapes.


Dimensions mm inches Eurorack
Height 128.40 5.06 3HE
Width 25.00 0.98 5HP
Depth behind panel
(with supply cable inserted)
25.00 0.98


Supply rail Current draw
16-pin (old)
Current draw
10-pin (new)
+12V 0mA 21mA
-12V 1mA 1mA
+5V 16mA 0mA

I use the Klavis Logica XT for gate delays.
It also does a million other things.
... lots of logic in a nice, small package.
Cheap too imo
Hard to top: Logica XT, for binary logic — it’s a great package/value.
... one really surprised me, that's the Logica XT.
I don't need logic functions all the time, so I like the idea of not wasting a lot of space on that.
And this one excels like that.
It can do so much you might expect from a logic module in the first place, but it goes on a long way beyond the expected and made me expand my view about how much logic I was going to want in my patches in the future. Bravo!
Klavis Logica XT is a great choice.
Jam-packed logic module including coin/flip flop functionality.

Klavis Logica XT and Two Bits are both absolute powerhouses.

... And on the higher end of the spectrum (but not by much) I like the Klavis Logica XT for both vanilla logic operations and more esoteric ones.


Complete presentation of each function and practical use.

Inspiration technology to let you create the difference
Klavis Modular Systems
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