Dual gain/offset/polarity/mute CV processor
  • Two independent channels also useable jointly as a mixer or splitter
  • In each channel:
    • Input and output jack
    • Gain pot with up to 2.1 amplification
    • Bipolar offset pot
    • 3-position switch:
      • Inverted polarity
      • Channel off
      • Normal polarity
  • Offset setting is independent of the polarity switch
  • Normalized input A can distribute the signal in both channels
  • Normalized outputs can mix the two channels on out B
  • Useable for audio
  • Compact module
  • Eloxal printed aluminium (silver panel)
    or bath anodized brushed aluminium (black panel)
  • User manual in English and German
One channel block diagram

The Tweakers is a slim companion module that allows fine tuning your modulations.
Two channels offer control over gain and offset. A three-position switch allows muting the channel and inverting the modulation polarity without impacting the offset.
Normalizing of the inputs avoids using a multiple when a signal is dispatched to two targets. Normalizing of the outputs offers an extra mixer, summing the two channels.
The Tweakers is a perfect companion for modules whose modulation inputs lack such amenities.
Activating predefined settings at the flick of a switch is paramount for live situations. Being able to prepare two sets of carefully adjusted settings for a given signal is even more useful.
It may come handy as an audio mixer too.


Dimensions mm inches Eurorack
Height 128.40 5.06 3HE
Width 15.00 0.59 3HP
Depth behind panel 33.00 1.30


Supply rail Current draw
+12V 24mA
-12V 24mA
+5V 0mA

Up to 2.1x gain is a pretty killer feature. I could really use more actual CV amplifiers, not so-called amplifiers that only attenuate.
Also, being able to turn each channel off with the three-way switches is really nice. Those are some of the details that sold me.
Very reasonable price as well. A well-thought-out module, like your others.


The full featured module presentation by Detroit-Berlin's Fred.

Grasp the Tweakers concept in less than two minutes, thank to The Modular Minute :-)

Added features thanks to the Tweakers' normalled connections

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